The Final Episode

In this, the final ever ever episode of those who cast, Tim is allowed in the booth, Kate is related to all of the Presidents ever and Dave punches his way out of an audio paperback.


Song Credits:

"Hazy shade of winter" Simon and Garfunkel

"Hazy shade of winter" Bangles 

"Hazy shade of winter" Body Jar



Whyte Potter-Mal

In this episode of Those Who Cast, Dave and Kate compare sporting-ness-ness, The Stopper finally speaks and our special guest sprints to the front. 



In this bi-lingual episode of Those Who Cast, Kate disagrees with a Jedi, Tim says a word in Chinese (just at the end bit), Dave take Mandarin fluency to the next exciting level and our special guest provides a heartwarming story of a teacher’s, above and beyond, commitment.


This Holiday edition of Those Who Cast has Ruby and Hannah run rogue; interviewing Farhad, Noah, Vanya, Ryan, Emilia, Theo, Oliver and Lara.  It is packed with Grade 1, 2, and 3 Holiday joy. (Background Music By: "Picket Fences" Music By Jay Man, "Tucked In Bed" Music By Jay Man, "Soft Mischief" Music By Jay Man, Wonder and Magic Music By Jay Man, "Mister Magician" Music By Jay Man



In this episode of Those who Cast, Kate puts a ‘W’ in front of the word squirrel, Tim underuses his new super microphone powers, Dave wrestles with chaos theory, and our guest bangs out more than a couple of great magic weavers.


This episode of Those who Cast is dedicated to Jill Taylor, the sister of our guest. Jill passed away between the recording and the release of this episode. Check out her ongoing Canadian charity ‘lights on’ as her legacy continues to help support kids in need.



In this episode of Those who Cast, Kate isn’t there, Celeste is there, David is not all there and Tim turns up the volume on our special (and I mean Tofu Sauce type of special) guest.



In this episode of Those who Cast, Kate, Tim and Dave try to critically think their way through an amazing chat with our very special guest.



In this, the first episode of the second season of Those who Cast, Kate alienates 24.3 million people, Dave speaks a lot louder than Kate, and new kid, Tim pushes the buttons and manages to successfully record our incredible first up guest.



In this ‘hole in one’ episode of Those Who Cast, David, and Kate create more unreleasable outtakes than intakes, Edwin does next to nothing and our guest takes us into, out of, and into again; the Principal’s office.


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